Macquarie Alliance (MA) engages with a wide range of people from across the political spectrum. Our platform and our values are based on recognising our common ground and being inclusive. In a society where disillusionment, polarisation and distrust is on the rise, we aim to build respectful connections within our communities that prioritise listening, mutual respect and a focus on our shared values.

The Macquarie Alliance Organising Team and all volunteers are expected to follow these norms when interacting with each other or members of the community as a MA volunteer:

  • Be welcoming, respectful and inclusive 
  • Act positively and in the best interests of the Macquarie Alliance platform and advocacy work
  • Be honest and kind
  • Be collaborative and cooperative
  • Follow the instructions of the Macquarie Alliance event/volunteer coordinator
  • Share the Macquarie Alliance materials and messages and that of approved partners only.

We should be aware that our social media interactions may also reflect on Macquarie Alliance. As such, kindness, respect and taking a positive approach is always recommended. Macquarie Alliance does not condone rudeness to, harassing or otherwise ‘attacking’ candidates or their supporters.